Open Goaaal Rebounding Football Goal


How many times do we shoot the ball...and MISS!? We probably spend more time chasing errant shots than actually playing! Open Goaaal is the world's best soccer training goal + rebounder + backstop ALL-IN-ONE! With a wall of tensioned netting that surrounds the goal, not only are missed shots stopped, they are rebounded!

Now your kids (and you) can practice like the pros without worrying about having to chase the ball down, breaking windows, going over the fence, or destroying the landscaping. At 3m tall and 6.6m wide, the Open Goaaal rebounds the majority of missed shots, so the training fun doesn't have to stop.

Kids love Open Goaaal because their "in-play" time is massively increased - the ball flies back and continues in play. This also allows them to practice shots at full power with confidence....and every kids LOVES to practice shooting. No more climbing the fence or bugging the neighbors to retrieve errant shots. They can blast away for hours - all without fear of breaking anything or losing balls.

Coaches will tell you that repetition is the key to skills development. The tensioned net also allows many different types of training, just like a normal rebounder. Not only can players shoot with confidence, but also practice passing and ball control. Parents love Open Goaaal because it keeps kids playing longer (and off the electronics). Often times, kids get tired of chasing balls long before they get tired of shooting or practicing.

Let's not forget the curb appeal. We like to keep a clean yard, and most soccer goals clutter up the view. Open Goaaal almost disappears when it's installed...but it can be "put away" by sliding the net to one side when not in use and can even be easily raised when it's time to mow.

45cm long steel trampoline anchors stabilise the galvanised steel poles via tensioned guy ropes. 30cm long nylon pegs prevent the white goal being ripped out of the floor by full speed shots. The wall of net is suspended on quality bungee to absorb the thump of the ball and then rebound it. It’s designed for you to “smash the ball” time after time.

It hangs from a black bungee rope suspended between two 3m-high metal poles, and is pegged to the ground. No digging is required, just push the pole sockets in and stabilise with the guy ropes. You will need a rectangular area of grass 5.2 - 8.1m wide, and 2m deep, in which to place the goal. If your garden is narrower, you can bring the poles closer together.

Just add a soccer ball and get ready to train the next generation of soccer superstars.


  • Goal, backstop, rebounder - all in one amazing product
  • You miss - it rebounds!
  • No more fetching missed shots
  • Save the garden, fences and keep the neighbours happy
  • As seen on Dragons Den, used by pro-clubs including Liverpool FC Academy
  • Develop shooting skills
  • Great fun for kids and adults
  • Net slides away
  • Adjustable for smaller gardens
  • Tough construction
  • Year-round use
  • 1-year warranty


  • Dimensions: 3H x 6.6W m
  • Goal dimensions: 1.53H x 2.74W m
  • Poles: powder coated steel, 1.2mm wall thickness
  • Weight: 17.2kg