Kenwood Cooking Chef XL Mixer

SKU Code: KCL95004SI

Connect to the Kenwood World App for step by step recipe inspiration straight to your mixer, experience ultimate temperature control with induction heating technology up to 180° and weigh directly into your bowl with the in built, precision EasyWeigh scale.

Powerful Kenwood mixer that also cooks. Precise, induction heating technology allows you to control temperatures from 20-180° in 1° increments, making Cooking Chef XL perfect for performing the most delicate bakery tasks including chocolate tempering, while also getting hot enough to handle delicious stir fries.


  • Access 100s of sweet and savoury recipes from the Kenwood World App
  • In-built EasyWeigh scales save time and reduce mess while baking
  • 4.3" CookAssist™ touchscreen
  • 13 SimpleTouch Presets
  • LightLift head
  • 25+ optional attachments
  • EasyClean tools
  • 6.7L bowl


  • Creaming beater
  • Dough hook
  • Heat guard
  • K-beater
  • Steamer basket
  • Stirring tool
  • Whisk