Gourmet Direct Luxury Half Ham Hamper + BONUS Cooler Bag


Gourmet Direct are very proud to remain the top choice for consistently high quality meat available in New Zealand. They are owned and operated by Kiwi farmers, Kate and Perry King, now celebrating 26 years in business. Gourmet Direct are passionate about delivering the very best proteins they can to your door, complemented by some essential foodie pantry items, made by passionate New Zealand foodies.

Every food lover knows the starting point for any great eating experience is the quality of the ingredients, which is why Gourmet Direct only works with trusted suppliers with established reputations for quality in New Zealand (and often international) food market. Gourmet Direct products are simply the most reliable, guaranteed never to let you down at the dining table!

How it Works

Gourmet Direct chilled or frozen meat products are already aged and vacuum packed for maximum flavour, texture and shelf life. Each product is manufactured to a strict specification delivering you consistently stunning product every time.

Their frozen products are snap frozen to swiftly seal in the natural properties of the meat guaranteeing your defrosted product is in mint condition. Slow freezing in your domestic freezer can dry and stress meat fibres by comparison. The products are frozen freshly processed so as to minimise bacteria development.

Every order is packed by hand with large, reusable gel ice-packs to ensure your package travels safely with the least possible temperature fluctuation.

Your frozen product will arrive with it’s fresh-cut Use By date displayed. This date refers to it’s CHILLED state shelf life and may be well before the date of delivery. This is normal. Once the product freezes down it takes on a new lease of shelf-life! Industry regulations mean that most New Zealand food products display a Use By date which refers to their pre-frozen state.


  • 1x Half ham on the Bone (approx. 4.5kg)
  • 1x Hot Smoked Salmon Fillet (180g)
  • 1x Havoc Farms Dry Cured Eye Bacon Pack (250g)
  • 1x Ham Bag
  • 1x Gourmet Direct Legendary Dill Mayonnaise (280g)
  • 1x Gourmet Direct Famous Garden Herb Wholegrain Mustard (300g)
  • 1x Whiskey and Orange Ham Glaze (210g)
  • 1x BONUS Gourmet Direct Premium Cooler Bag

Want to order more meat, cheese hampers or gift packs with your points? Browse the Gourmet Direct website and call us on 0800 99 76278 to tell us what you want!

Please note: once your order has been processed, Gourmet Direct will call you to confirm your delivery address. Some rural deliveries may need to be picked up from an alternative address.