Belkin BOOSTUP Bold 10W Wireless Charging Pad

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Two colours available - please specify when ordering.

Specifically engineered to optimise performance for all Qi-enabled smartphones, the BOOSTUP Bold Wireless Charging Pad 10W not only charges at optimal speed but protects phone functionality while charging. Premium shielding and precision resistors found within this wireless charger minimise interference, ensuring battery life and critical phone functions such as network signal, touchscreen, WiFi, Bluetooth and LTE are not disrupted.

Qi is an established, evolving wireless charging standard owned by the Wireless Power Consortium. Their goal is to deliver wireless charging easily and safely, while ensuring compatibility across all devices that bear the Qi logo. All Belkin wireless chargers are developed to meet the Qi wireless charging standards as laid out by the Wireless Power Consortium. As a result, this fully Qi-certified wireless charger is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices.

The sleek design and thoughtful engineering create a superior, long-lasting product and protects smartphone functionality while charging. The non-slip pad with polycarbonate base offers impact protection for durability.