Large Hook-Eze Fishing Knot Tool Triple Twin Pack


Save big with this triple twin pack deal, which has a total of six large Hook Eze tools, enough for six rods in total.

The new larger model Hook-Eze takes the 'pricks' out of fishing and is used for tying hooks, jigs and other rigs. Safely holds the hook whilst tying to fishing line eliminating painful injuries. Safely stores your hook and clips over one of the runners on the fishing rod for storage and transportation.

Suitable for fishing hooks sized from 10/0 down to 1/0.


  • Knot tying tool and safe hook cover
  • Takes a standard 10/0 hook down to 1/0
  • Bimini twist, FG and Yucatan knots made easy
  • Holds various jig heads, speed clips and swivels
  • Suitable for a variety of Kahle and Circle hooks
  • Long-lasting UV resistant materials
  • All stainless steel fittings
  • 'Catch & release' hook removal tool
  • 'Twist top' bottle opener


  • 1x Blue twin pack
  • 1x Red twin pack
  • 1x Green twin pack